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About Debian
Debian is a distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system. It is distinguished from other distributions of Linux by it's charter to focus on free software. Debian is also the largest GNU/Linux distribution with over 10,000 packages available for installation.
In addition to maintaining a number of software packages in the Debian project, I also sponsor the contributions of non-Debian developers and work as an Application Manager to test the qualifications of New Maintainer applicants.
Packages that I maintain in the Debian project
Installer for Allegro ANSI Common Lisp Environment
This package is a rewrite of Peter Van Enyde's original acl-installer package. The rewritten package can download and install Franz's AllegroCL Trial version ANSI Common Lisp development enviroment and compiler. It can also install AllegroCL Enterprise and Platinum editions. All versions feature integration with Common Lisp Controller.
Common Lisp Source Code for Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Book
The Common Lisp source code from Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Book
ANSI Common Lisp Conformance Tests
This package contains a suite of conformance programs to test Common Lisp implementations.
Another System Definition Facility
asdf provides a "make" type functions for Common Lisp packages. It provides compilation and loading features for complex Lisp systems with multiple modules and files. It is similar in concept, but quite different in features, from "defsystem" which is included in the common-lisp-controller package.
Base64 encoding and decoding library
A Common Lisp library for encoding and decoding base64 strings.
Common Lisp library for reading and writing binary files
Binary-types is a Common Lisp package for reading and writing binary files. Binary-types provides macros that are used to declare the mapping between lisp objects and some binary (i.e. octet-based) representation.
Socket Library for Common Lisp
This package provides a library of socket functions for SBCL and CMUCL.
Mk Defsystem3
Defsystem version 3 provides a "make" type functions for Common Lisp packages. It provides compilation and loading features for complex Lisp systems with multiple modules and files.
Environment Abstraction for Common Lisp
This package provides an object-oriented abstraction of the current CL environment. It is excerpted from the Common Lisp Object Code Collection (CLOCC).
Fortran to Common Lisp Source Code Translator
This package contains functions to convert Fortran source code to Common Lisp source code.
Common Lisp Frequently Asked Questions
A collection of Common Lisp FAQs that are accessible via doc-base
Geodesics Computation Libary for Common Lisp.
This package contains geodesic calculations for computing hyperspace physics related to blackholes.
Common Lisp Hyperobjects
Hyperobjects contain references to subobjects and linked objects. This library displays hyperobjects in a multiple formats: ASCII text, HTML, XML with optional field labels and hyperlinks.
Common Lisp Reader Macro for Infix Mathematical Syntax
An infix reader macro for Common Lisp, allowing use of more traditional mathematical syntaxes in CL programs.
Inflate zipped files for Common Lisp programs
Inflate is a Common Lisp module for reading and decompressing gzip, winzip, and jar files.
Common Lisp Numerical Integration Functions
Common Lisp functions for numerically integrating data
General Purpose Common Lisp Utilities
This is a packaging of general purpose Common Lisp Utilities that I use in some of my Common Lisp packages, primarily in UMLisp.
Lisp Markup Language
Functions for Common Lisp programs to generate HTML and XHTML files. This page is created with LML.
Message Digest 5 (MD5) Library for Common Lisp
Pierre Mai's MD5 calculation library.
Common Lisp Meta Parser
A descent parser for Common Lisp.
Common Lisp Metering Utility
A profiling package for Common Lisp program.
Common Lisp Utilities for Printing and Parsing Dates
A collection of functions that parse and print dates
Source Code for Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming Book
The source code from Peter Norvig's Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming Book
Common Lisp package to create PDF files
CL-PDF is a cross-platform Common Lisp library for generating PDF files. It does not need any third party tools from Adobe or others.
Pipes Library for Common Lisp.
This is a packaging of Peter Norvig's pipes which support delayed processing of streams of values.
PNG image file library for Common Lisp
This package provides Common Lisp reading and writing functions for PNG image files. Functions for compressing and uncompression a zip file are also included.
Common Lisp Object Code Collection Portability Library
The portability package excerpted from the CLOCC.
Web Server Package for Common Lisp
This package bundles Franz's open-source sourced Portable AllegroServe into a useful package for other Common Lisp imlementations. This package adds a acl-compat package which allows other Lisp implementation to use Franz's web server
SMTP, POP, and IMAP Client Library for Common Lisp Programs
This is Franz's open-source SMTP, POP, and IMAP library package for use with ACL-COMPAT for use with non-Allegro CL implementation.
Portable Regular Express Library for Common Lisp
A portable regular expression library for Common Lisp that is fast, compatible with PERL, and portable.
Common Lisp library for accessing PubMed® medical literature database
This package provides functions to querying the PubMed medical literating database server. The XML results are then parsed and returned as CLOS objects.
Common Lisp Reversi Game -- Text and Graphical
A Common Lisp implementation of the popular reversi game. Based on code from Peter Norvig's Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence. The package includes a CLIM graphical user interface.
Reversi CLIM Executable
This package contains an executable of the cl-reversi graphical user interface program.
Common Lisp Regression Tester
This is MIT's regression test suite for Common Lisp.
Partition function for Common Lisp Package Installations
This package contains split-sequence that splits a sequence into multiple sequences based on input parameters
A SQL Interface Library for Common Lisp Implementations.
CLSQL provides an interface to SQL databases for multiple Common Lisp Implementations and multiple SQL database engines.
Statistics Library for Common Lisp.
cl-statistics provides numerous statistical functions for use in Common Lisp programs.
Test Harness Package
Tester provides a framework for creating automated testing programs for Common Lisp packages.
Universal Foreign Function Interface Library for Common Lisp.
UFFI allows developers to create a single foreign function interface that will work on multiple Common Lisp implementations.
Common Lisp Library for the Unified Medical Language System
UMlisp is a high-performance, object-oriented, SQL-base Common Lisp library for accessing the Unified Medical Language System.
A Unit-based Regression Tester Library for Common Lisp
A library providing Common Lisp packages with functions for creating unit-based regression test suites.
Extreme Programming Test Suite for Common Lisp
XPTest provides a testing framework for Common Lisp packages based on concepts from Extreme Programming.
Common Lisp the Language Book by Guy L. Steele.
An online version of the Guy Steele's description of (Pre-ANSI) Common Lisp.
Central Test Node: DICOM interface library and utility programs.
CTN provides numerous binary programs to manipulate and view DICOM files. CTN also includes a library that can used by other programs to manipulate DICOM Files. DICOM is a standardized image storage and transfer standard widely used in medical imaging. The Debian CTN package is part of the Debian Med-Imaging virtual package.
Central Test Node Documentation
Documentation for the CTN and CTN-Dev packages.
Computed Tomography Simulator
CTSim simulates the process of collecting CT, or CAT, scan X-ray data and reconstructs estimates of the original image from the simulated X-ray data.
Notification Program for CVS Checkins.
Syncmail is a script that is used to provide email notification of changes to a CVS repository.
DocBook Emacs Major Mode
The DocBook IDE is an Emacs major mode for editing DocBook documents. Features include font lock highlighting for DocBook elements and attributes; 'docbook-complete' function for inserting element and attribute names; 'docbook-insert-tag' function for inserting matching start- and end-tags; Automatic insertion of element content (e.g. firstname and surname in author); Automatic completion of end-tags; Comprehensive abbreviations table to further ease typing.
A fork off of cdrtools and it's program cdrecord made primarily to support the writing of DVD's.
HTML formatting utility
This utility reforms an HTML file according to input specificiations. It's especially helpful for examining HTML that has been automatically generated.
An Emacs Major Mode for Interactive Lisp Development
I have recently adopted this package. ILISP is a powerful GNU Emacs interface to many dialects of Lisp, including Lucid, Allegro, Xanalys/Harlequin LispWorks, GCL, KCL, AKCL, ECL, IBCL, and CMUCL. Also some Scheme implementations are supported as well as a preliminary version of Xlisp/XlispStat.
Filesystem and disk benchmarking program.
Iozone is useful for determining a broad benchmark of filesystem performance. The benchmark tests file I/O performance for the following operations: Read, write, re-read, re-write, read backwards, read strided, fread, fwrite, random read/write, pread/pwrite variants.
Rougelike Angband Common Lisp Game
This is a implementation of an Angband written in Common Lisp. It uses the SDL library for graphics and sounds.
A Perl library for reading CDDB data
A library that reads data from an audio CD then fetches the artist and title information from the FreeCDDB database.
Lisp Universal Shell.
Lush is a Lisp interpreter/compiler that is optimized for numeric computation, graphical user interfaces, and C compatibility.
Installer for Lispworks ANSI Common Lisp.
This package can download and install Xanalys' Lispworks Personal Edition ANSI Common Lisp development enviroment and compiler. It can also install Lispworks Professional and Enterprise editions and integrate them with Common Lisp Controller.
Displays Statisitics on E-mail folders.
MLS reads mail-box files in the MBOX format and displays statistical data about the e-mail messages in table and graph formats.
An indexer and searcher for Maildir and MH directories
Mairix is a program for indexing and searching email messages stored in Maildir or MH folders. Indexing is fast. It runs incrementally on new messages - any particular message only gets scanned once in the lifetime of the index file.
Paul Graham's On Lisp Book.
Paul Graham's book on advanced Common Lisp programming techniques. It includes the source code from the book packaged for use with Common Lisp Controller system.
OpenMCL Common Lisp Implementation
OpenMCL is a Common Lisp implementation targeted at the PowerPC architecture. I run this on my MacG4 that runs Debian. I recently adopted this package and added Common Lisp Controller support.
Build Tools for OpenMCL
This package contains tools required to build the OpenMCL source. Compared to the sourcfe code package, these tools don't change often.
Lisp Interpreter for PDP-1 Emulator
Contains the 1964 Lisp interpreter written by L. Peter Deutsch for the PDP-1 minicomputer. Works with SIMH simulator.
Unix V5 Disk Image for PDP-11 Emulator
Contains UNIX versions 5 for the PDP-11 minicomputer. Works with SIMH simulator.
Unix V6 Disk Image for PDP-11 Emulator
Contains UNIX versions 6 for the PDP-11 minicomputer. Works with SIMH simulator.
Unix V7 Disk Image for PDP-11 Emulator
Contains UNIX versions 7 for the PDP-11 minicomputer. Works with SIMH simulator.
Resample Audio File using a FIR Filter
This package resamples an audio file from one sampling rate to another. It uses a Finite Impulse Response filter to excellent results.
Steel Bank Common Lisp
An implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
Steel Bank Common Lisp
An implementation of ANSI Common Lisp with multi-thread support.
Document authoring, generating, and formatting package.
Scribe best suits the writing of technical documents such as web page, technical reports, and API documentations, etc. Scribe is a markup language as well as a true programming language, provided with high level features (such as macros, objects, higher order functions, regular and syntactic parsing). Scribe is based on the Scheme programming language. This package also includes an emacs major mode for editing scribe files and an apache module for server-side processing of scribe files.
Disk images for RSTS operating system for SIMH emulator
Contains RSTS operating system for the PDP-11 minicomputer. Works with SIMH simulator.
Disk images for early version of UNIX for SIMH emulator
Contains UNIX versions 5, 6, and 7 for the PDP-11 minicomputer. Works with SIMH simulator.
Wherever Change Directory
wcd is a program to quickly change directories. It saves time typing at the keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory name and wcd will jump to it. By default, wcd searches for a directory with a name that begins with what has been typed, but the use of wildcards is also fully supported.
WinDAQ to Wav file converter
This program extracts a channel from a WinDAQ file and creates a .wav file for listening.
XML to Symbolic Expression Program
This program converts an XML file to a S-Exp file compatible with Lisp programs.
Packages that I help maintain in the Debian project
System and User Level Controller for Common Lisp Package Installations
Common Lisp Controller provides a framework the the installation, compilation, and loading of packages for Common Lisp. The main parts that I have added are support for ASDF-based packages and user-level packages.
Packages that I am creating for the Debian project
Common Lisp library for importing CSV formatted files
A Common Lisp library for importing text files formatted with comma separated values.
Common Lisp for Scribe-like reader
This library provides a reader for implementing a Scribe-like reader for Common Lisp programs.
This EncyCMUpedia of documents to CMU Common Lisp.
This is a packaging of the EncyCMUpedia collection of CMU documentation.
Python Source Code for Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Book
The Python source code from Peter Norvig's Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Book
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